Reptile Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 25 watt

Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 25 watt


Quick overview:

  • This Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 25 watt, is helpful if you need to maintain a minimum temperature level; controlled by one of our Digital Program Timers; 7-day, dual-outlet.
  • We recommend a ceramic heat emitter for maintaining a minimum night time temperature, NOT the use of some colored heat bulb. Check the actual temperatures with our Digital IR Surface Thermometers.
  • Although manufacturers of colored heat bulbs claim that the reptiles cannot see the color, we believe that they sense that it is not dark and don’t sleep as well.
  • Temperature outputs can vary depending on the type and brand of habitat, substrate and décor accessories. FOR SAFETY, before introducing your animal into the heated habitat, please allow 3 to 6 hours of initial warm-up time and then check the surface temps; using a thermometer such as our Digital IR Surface Thermometer.


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Product Description

Use a Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter 25 watt, when you need a small boost to your habitat’s ambient temperature. These ceramic heat emitters are the “just enough” heat output to keep bearded dragon habitats above 68 degrees in the winter time. This is of particular interest to reptile owners in the northern parts of the country. This ceramic infrared heat emitter is therefore helpful if you need a night time heat source to maintain a minimum temperature level; controlled by a digital timer. These porcelain heating devices screw into a standard porcelain incandescent socket. The flat-faced design is more efficient and longer lasting than conical designs which build up excess heat internally, ultimately carbonizing the element. FOR SAFETY, we strongly recommend that you regularly take surface temp readings; to be aware of any changes due to seasonal or other issues. Carolina Custom Cages is a division of Carolina Designer Dragons, Inc.