Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Carpet, Copper Canyon 24″ x 48″, Two Sheets


Quick overview:

  • Reptile Carpet not only looks good, but avoids risk of impaction from ingesting sand, walnut shells, wood chips, bark, shavings and other particulate substrates. Colors include Sandstone, Kelly Green, Copper Canyon and Walnut.
  • Reptile Carpet now comes in 24” x 48” pieces which fit our Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium 48Lx24Wx18H, or cut 6” narrower for the 48Lx18Wx18H, 48Lx18Wx24H, or 48Lx18Wx 36H. Larger habitats can be covered using overlapping pieces. Reptile Carpet is made from recycled plastic and is machine washable!
  • Also consider our Reptile Carpet Anchors (listed separately). Adhesive-backed squares are positioned around the perimeter of your reptile habitat. Little hooks on the top sides grip and hold your reptile carpet in place. Easy to detach your reptile carpet by hand later when it’s time for the washing machine. Carolina Custom Cages is a division of Carolina Designer Dragons, Inc.

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Product Description

Machine washable! This makes it much easier to keep clean than sand and similar substrates. Most of our customers just pick off poop with a paper towel and then wash the Reptile Carpet after about 3 days; depending on the degree of soiling. Machine wash in non-scented, hypo allergenic detergent for safest results. You may machine dry on low heat, but we find that after washer’s spin cycle, the Reptile Carpet is essentially dry. So we simply remove and smooth out on a table top and it’s ready to use in a few minutes. Years ago, we tried sand; thinking it would be practical like kitty litter. We soon discovered that although the solids were scoopable, the wet part seeps to the bottom; growing bacteria. Then, the only way to clean it was to dump it all out and wipe the cage bottom with an antibacterial cleaner. Replacement became time-consuming and uneconomical. We have used other brand reptile carpets before and in the beginning may have been inclined to assume that “thicker is better”. However, in our experience that was just not the case. Reptile Carpet feels like felt, but is more durable than felt and does not have the problems noticed with the other products; for example: reptile claws getting tangled in their Velcro-like surface, “too thick material” develops excessive wrinkles with washing (“balling up”) and even the necessity of having to pick off debris by hand that remains attached after going through the washing machine. We also like the different colors available with the Reptile Carpet. Maybe a thicker material could last longer, but we feel that the disadvantages far outweigh that possibility. Besides, with the Reptile Carpet’s different colors, we enjoy giving our dragons’ homes a “fresh look” with another color after a time.