Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, Giant Deep 72Lx24Wx18H; Easy Assembly


Quick overview:

  • Important Notice to BD48x24x36, 60”L and 72”L Customers – these very large terrariums are shipped in 2 parts; Box 1 and Box 2. Amazon will be shipping your Box 1 and we will be shipping your Box 2. Since Amazon hides the customer’s shipping address, you will need to respond to our address request through Amazon for shipping the Box 2. If you do not hear from us, Please Contact Us.
  • This model features sliding doors, key-lock security. The 4” deep waterproof base tray is tempered glass; pre-drilled drain holes with drain plugs installed, 2.25” waterline. Instructional videos on YouTube…. Also, now with tougher cardboard and extra styrofoam for our double “box-inside-a-box” packaging for even better protection against UPS abuse. Backgrounds specifically sized for the 72Lx24Dx18H terrarium model are listed on our Amazon Storefront
  • With the larger terrariums like the 72Lx24Dx18H, there’s a tremendous variety to the possible habitat layouts. It typically takes two fixtures to provide the recommended UVB coverage over 2/3’s of the length of the habitat. These larger terrariums also give you the opportunity to have two or more basking spots. Understand that with these larger terrariums, the influence from ambient room temperatures and seasonal changes are more pronounced. Please contact us directly for lighting suggestions based on your specific habitat plans.
  • Probably most important is our customer service and years of experience; actually having various reptiles of our own and breeding bearded dragons. Quick email responses; specific to your questions about assembly and setup. We are here in the US, communicating with intelligible English. We also offer a practical approach to “customizing” your terrarium habitat with effective lighting fixtures, aesthetic 3-sided backgrounds, larger habitat accessories and practical reptile carpet.
  • If habitats with water are planned, we suggest a fresh bead of aquatic sealant glue around the inside joints of the base tray for additional leak protection. We also strongly recommend a leak test of the base tray after terrarium assembly in a safe area. Heavy misting inside of terrarium will require aquatic sealant glue to the interior joints of the rear and side panels after assembly; misting should avoid the front doors. Elaborate habitat installations that create significant pressure against the walls of the terrarium can affect squareness, integrity and waterproof base tray.

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Product Description

Our growing family of Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums are very easy to assemble and come in 23 different models; 24Lx18Dx18H, 24Lx18Dx24H, 24Lx18Dx36H, 30Lx12Dx12H, 36Lx18Dx18H, 36Lx18Dx24H, 36Lx18Dx36H, 36Lx24Dx18H, 36Lx24Wx24H, 48Lx18Dx18H, 48Lx18Dx24H, 48Lx18Wx36H, 48Lx24Dx18H, 48Lx24Dx24H, 60Lx24Wx24H, 72Lx24Dx18H, 72Lx24Dx24H, 72Lx24Dx36H, Bio Deep 24Lx18Dx30H, Bio Deep 36Lx18Dx36H, Bio Deep 48Lx24Dx36H, Bio Deep Hybrid 18Lx18Dx42H and Bio Deep Hybrid 24Lx24Dx48H. The Bio Deep models feature a 12” deep waterproof base. The Bio Deep Hybrid models feature 9” and 12” deep waterproof bases. All other models feature a waterproof base that is: 4” deep on the 18”H models, 6.3” deep on the 24”H models and 7.5” deep on the 36”H models. The 24”L models and the 36”L models feature hinged doors. The 48”L, 60”L and 72”L models feature sliding doors. All terrariums feature key-lock security. Now with tougher cardboard and extra styrofoam for our double “box-inside-a-box” packaging for even better protection against UPS abuse. Carolina Custom Cages is a division of Carolina Designer Dragons, Inc.