Dragon Supplies

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Ghann’s Crickets, Augusta GA

It’s important not to feed your dragon any crickets that are larger than the space between your dragon’s eyes.  Doing so can cause health issues; including shaky leg syndrome.  Ghann’s sizes their crickets properly, so it’s easy to get the exact size you require.

Dragons at 6” in length; the average size cricket needed is 3/8”, but watch as your dragon grows so the cricket size can be increased as necessary.  I never feed crickets larger than 5/8”, even for adult dragons.  The 3/4” size and adult crickets have more chitin and wings that the dragon would have to process.  Also, the 5/8” size crickets have not yet developed their wings, therefore, they do not make as much noise.

link for 3/8” crickets:  http://www.ghann.com/38-Live-Crickets-P8.aspx

link for 1/2” crickets:  http://www.ghann.com/12-Live-Crickets-P9.aspx

link for 5/8” crickets:  http://www.ghann.com/58-Live-Crickets-P10.aspx

Phoenix worms, Insect Science Resource, Tifton, GA

This is our recommendation for dragons under 12” as a protein diet supplement in addition to either crickets or baby roaches (their protein diet staple).  We use the medium size.


Armstrong’s Cricket Farm, Glennville, GA

This is who we have bought our superworms from for years and we trust their quality and reliability.

Dragons typically begin to lose their taste for crickets at 10 to 12 months in age.  Superworms are what we recommend as their next protein diet staple.  We buy them in quantities of 1,000 and they will live almost indefinitely in a tub of chicken feed (not chicken scratch) with thick slices of russet potatoes for hydration.


Great Lakes Hornworm

This is our recommendation for dragons over 12” as a protein diet supplement in addition to either crickets or superworms (their protein diet staple).  We use the 12-count cups (typically 14-15 hornworms) because they contain enough food substrate for the hornworms to reach full adult size of 4”.