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Live arrival is guaranteed if someone is home to sign for and accept the delivery on the first attempt. In the rare event your dragon arrives DOA, you must contact us within two hours with the details and photos, if requested. Please do not throw away the packaging or animal until after we have been contacted and have received all of the required information. Otherwise, Carolina Designer Dragons cannot be responsible for replacing your dragon or refunding your monies.

Carolina Designer Dragons guarantees the health of your dragon for 30 days from its arrival to your home. For this guarantee to be in effect you must have provided the proper care for your dragon as outlined in our care sheets or similar ones. This includes lighting, heating, food and supplements. A photo of your dragon’s home may be requested if health issues arise.

You must notify us immediately if you feel your dragon has health issues. This is important for the recovery of the dragon. The action we take will depend on the circumstances involved in each case. If you have followed all the instructions, Carolina Designer Dragons will send you a replacement dragon, if that is not possible a full or partial refund will be issued depending on the situation, after the dragon is returned to us promptly.

Carolina Designer Dragons can’t guarantee the exact color of your dragon. Many things determine a dragon’s color; including lighting, heat and stress. We do provide pictures of the parents and when possible, pictures of older siblings. This should give you a close idea of the color your dragon will achieve if cared for properly. We do our best to take photos in different lights and situations to represent our dragons in a fair way. We do not use any photo altering or enhancing methods.

We do our best to sex young dragons. However, there is no guarantee on sex unless otherwise stated at the time of the sale.

Customer Service
It is our goal to provide the best customer service possible to each of our customers. We have provided detailed care sheets, links to other sources of information and suppliers that can provide items needed for the proper care of your dragon. We strive to give each of our parent dragons the best of everything they need. We do this not only to ensure they have the best of health, but that all of their children will start life with a high chance of thriving and growing into healthy ,well-adjusted adults.

You have our contact information that makes us available to you 24 hours a day, by email or phone. Please don’t hesitate to use it for any additional information or advice that you feel you may need. Carolina Designer Dragons is always happy to help you anytime you require it. If you find you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we’ll try to find a way to make sure you become satisfied.

IF YOU DECIDE TO RETURN A DRAGON WE WILL NOT REIMBURSE THE SHIPPING COSTS – ONLY THE COST OF THE DRAGON! IT IS UP TO YOU CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO SHIP THE DRAGON BACK TO US OVERNIGHT DELIVERY AND YOU MUST PAY THE COST OF SHIPPING FOR THE RETURN. Once we receive the dragon back and determine that it is in good health we will then process your refund for the cost of the dragon MINUS A $50 RESTOCKING FEE which will be deducted from the refund for the cost of taking in the return of a dragon that could have been sold to someone else. We will NOT accept a return on a dragon after seven days.

Depending on the circumstances or case, we are able to offer an exchange, or a refund minus shipping costs or provide a replacement animal. If returning an animal, the customer must make arrangements to do so promptly (within 24 hours) and via the same means the animal was shipped to you. This is crucial to the health of the animal as shipping and being transferred to new enclosures will often stress and compromise the health and well being of the animal.

We will only accept returns on animals that have been quarantined properly. Due to the presence of viruses and parasites in the reptile market, we are unable to accept returns on animals that have been housed with others for fear of contamination. Please understand that another reptile could pass contagion’s that could devastate our entire collection. If you chose to co-habitat your new reptile, any guarantee or return is VOID.

The prices of our dragons may seem a little higher than some other breeders. The price reflects the cost of quality care that each and every one of our dragons receive. The cost of providing the best care increases our expenses and therefore the selling price. But it also ensures that you will receive a healthy, well-adjusted dragon; a dragon that will thrive throughout its life into adulthood. Of course, it is important that you continue to provide the proper care as detailed in our care sheets.

Sometimes we may discount for group purchases on request, but please do not try to negotiate pricing on individual dragons. Remember you normally get what you pay for and Carolina Designer Dragons works hard to be sure you are getting the best.

Carolina Designer Dragons accepts Pay Pal, VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express and U.S. Postal money orders. Money orders must be received within 5 days of your order. No dragons are shipped until payment in full is received.

Carolina Designer Dragons only ships Monday through Wednesday. We have learned that all carriers can make mistakes and we do not wish any dragon to be left alone over the weekend in a box. We pack our dragons with cold or heat packs, if needed, and in insulated boxes. There will be no shipments, if the temperatures are below 40 degrees or over 90 degrees, as it is unsafe and possibly harmful to the dragon. Carolina Designer Dragons only charges the exact amount of shipping according to your zip code, with no additional charges.