Care Information

Before purchasing a bearded dragon, please do research. Read my care sheets and any others you can find. Gather all points of view to find what will work for you and your dragon. You’ll find in your search that I agree with some advice and disagree with other advice on different sheets. I have researched and experimented to identify what works for me and my dragons. I advise that you print out various care sheets and info to keep in a file for future reference.

Bearded dragons are friendly, sociable animals. Once you get their home set up correctly, they are not expensive to maintain. Bearded dragons make great pets for all ages. Even small children love to watch them in their homes.

Find a good reptile vet in your area before purchasing your dragon so you are prepared in case you need one. I suggest waiting for about a month before taking your new dragon for its first vet check-up, unless it shows signs of illness. The reason for this is simple. Traveling and change of habitat are very stressful to your dragon. Stress raises the normal levels of bacteria in your dragon. Let your dragon adjust to its new home and you, give it a chance to calm down and control the levels naturally. This way they get back to normal on their own without the use of medications, which can be hard on your dragon’s system.

Some dragons will refuse to eat right after you receive them. Others may eat right away. Don’t panic like I did, this is normal. Just offer food daily and you’ll find one day they’ll suddenly begin to eat when they are comfortable. Think about this. Someone you trust puts you into a strange place and then it goes dark. You think okay, let’s rest and sleep, I trust them. But then you get awakened by bumping and jostling and there you are in that dark strange
place wondering what the hell is going on? The bumping stops and then you see light. There looking at you is a stranger you don’t know and everything around you is different and not familiar. Would you not be afraid, confused, stressed and uncomfortable? So be patient when you first get your dragon and let them learn to trust you.

Try not to handle your new dragon more than necessary for the first week. Let them adjust to their new home first and then as they settle, start letting them adjust to you. They’ll learn to love you as you will love them. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns; whether you purchased a dragon from me or someone else. I love dragons and enjoy talking about them with others who also have a passion for them. No question is stupid or dumb, but you cannot learn without asking. I am not implying I know everything, I don’t. But if I don’t have an answer I’ll help you find the information you need.

What to Consider in Buying a Bearded Dragon?

or, “you get what you pay for”

  • Is the dragon at least 5-½” long? If not, there will most likely be problems that can lead to death.
  • Do they have the necessary “fat stores”; built up from good daily nutrition that enables them to safely handle the stress from moving from their
    original home, the stress of a reptile show and then to adjust to living in your home?
  • What health guarantee is made on the dragon?
  • Is it a male or female? What are the dragon’s genetics and blood lines?
  • What diet, hydration, lighting and human contact has it been receiving?
  • Does the dragon seem overly “wild” or “skittish”. Daily human contact by the breeder from the beginning relieves this and promotes a good dragon
  • What customer support is offered with the dragon? Who do you call with questions or problems and what is their phone number?
  • If you’re spending all the effort and expense on habitat set-up and taking care of your new dragon, then why buy a dragon that is not “well started”?

Who are you buying the dragon from?

  • Are they a true breeder or simply a re-seller?
  • Are they here today and gone tomorrow if you have questions or a problem?
  • Do they offer a business card and receipt that shows the company name / contact name, physical address, email and phone number information?
  • Are they established on the internet; a website, on Facebook?