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I am thrilled that you may put them on your site!! After all these are your babies!!

I have to say Lynn, you REALLY have quality dragons. Jolene and Angel are GREAT eaters, shed regularly, and have EXCELLENT temperaments.

YOU ROCK as a breeder & as a Human Being!

Love, Barb and Penny I need to share a few words about Barb and Penny.. they are great and have sent me tons of pictures, I love them all.. along with some videos.. Here are some of my favorites YEAH!!

Hello Lynn,

I enjoyed meeting you at the Columbia show. The dragon I bought from you is doing well and is eating. He gobbled down a small orange-spotted roach. I also have appropriate sized crickets so I’ll give him a variety and see what he prefers. I added a piece of strawberry and some organic lettuce from the garden but he didn’t touch it. I’ll try again today.
I am using an under tank heater and a UVB lamp but the combination wasn’t hot enough according to the information on your Web site. I am replacing the under tank heater with a heat lamp. That will work well for now but I am still tuning everything.
We keep the animals in a separate room but I am planning to find a place for him in the front room. He is very inquisitive and likes to watch any action or movement. I think he will be happier and healthier if we keep him in a more active area of the house. We do this with the cockatiel too because he likes to be where the action is. The other reptiles and amphibians don’t really seem to notice.
At Nature Learning Company, Inc. we provide science and nature education for young children. Your dragon will help hundreds of kids experience and learn about reptiles.

Thank you for providing such a nice healthy dragon.
Keith Kargel, CEO
Nature Learning Company, Inc.

Pudge had her first vet checkup last week, and the vet was very
impressed with her. I’m attaching a few current pictures. She’s 7 1/2
months, 17.5 inches and I think she was around 267 grams.

Hi Lynn,

Sorry I haven’t got back to you in a while, these last 2 weeks have been hectic. I just thought I’d touch base with you and let you know Syd is doing very well. He had his vet visit, which everything including fecal looked excellent. We actually had a hard time getting him out of the vets office as everyone we saw stopped and asked questions and commented about how beautiful he is.

He is one handsome boy. He weighs in at 312 grams now and is a love. He does love to be held especially in the mornings. In the evenings he sometimes gets a little antsy, so we let him crawl around a little bit before putting him back to retire for the night.

He is doing good with his salads, and he really likes the Arugula and Dandelion greens. He has been eating phoenix worms, grasshoppers, butter worms pretty regularly. On occasion we mix up super worms, wax worms, and horn worms. He gets a nice warm bath(100-101 degrees) every 3 days. Yes I do put my laser temp gun to use with testing bath water temps as well with all my critters.

I can’t thank you enough for this handsome guy. We really love him to death. I am planning to take some more updated photos of him so I’ll send you a couple as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks again,


This is a link to see Angel Lynn watching TV

Angel Lynn

This link lets you watch Angel Lynn head bobbing at Daisy.. opps it turned out Angel is a boy

Angel Lynn 2

This link allows you to watch Jolene eating crickets.. this is amazing as Jolene was born with a tilt to the right, her head always leaned that way, she was a little small and the vet and I could not discover what caused it with putting her to sleep, I did not have the heart to do it as she seemed happy, so Barb and Penny took her to love as she was, with their loving care and Barb’s massages Jolene has rallied and I’m so thankful for their love of my dragons.



Dani Dominique


Just wanted to let you know the little leucistic you sold me is a real sweetie. He is doing well and my favorite by far. His name is neon, kind of after his dad. He loves baths and sitting on my shoulder.




Just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the great web site and the excellent information. I have been researching dragons for several weeks and your’s is by far the best I have run across. They arrived about 20 minutes ago. WOW, they are really beautiful. Can’t wait until Christmas Morning to see Johnathan’s reaction.
I hope you have a great holiday
Paul A. Ifkovits
Agency Link Services CSC

Thank you so much!!!

Heather & Michael


Just a little note to let you know that everything is going well with our new little boy. He is eating like a little pig….He loves the Phoenix Worms and my chameleon loves them to, So I just ordered them a 1000 more. He just shed his skin. And Crystal just loves him. When he gets bigger I will send you pictures

Thank You Again.



I don’t know if Randie already e-mailed you, but I just wanted you to know that the little boy came in just fine late this morning. We let him warm up on the cool side of his new home and then we let him soak for a while. He is so pretty and he is going to be gorgeous when he grows up. Thanks for everything! :)


Hi Lynn, My name is Sherrie and I am Tracey’s wife. I just wanted to write you and tell you how pleased we were to get our new dragon. She is absolutely beautiful. I could not have asked for more. You can tell you take great pride in them and I will definetly send others your way when needed. We named her Mia. Our kids just love her and she is so curious about her surroundings. Take care and thanks again. Sherrie

Thank you for all your help with the bearded dragons. They are growing so fast. And from the very first day they have been so tame. They were so tame that when they came in I took them to PetSmart to show everyone how pretty they are and nice they are. They are so sweet I don’t think I will ever get any other reptile. It is so easy to ask you about the dragons and what they need. If I ever want more I know where to go. Lynn of Carolina Designer Dragons is the best breeder I’ve ever met.

Jennifer K. of Louisiana

Nora Hope holding Rose as they watch Dora the Explorer on TV. Nora is my Grand Daughter and I do think she is taking after me. She comes thru the door and goes straight for a dragon. At 2 1/2 her love for Nana’s dragons.. well according to Nora ” her dragons” grows by the hour and the dragons all seem to love her attention. I’m one proud Nana.