Carolina Custom Cage 24D, Hardrock Maple front panel


Quick overview:

Carolina Custom Cage Model 24D, interior 24”D x 36”W x 16”H, front panel in Hardrock Maple finish, other panels in Almond finish. The easy-access “drop-down”, full-width style door continues to be the “favorite feature” of our Carolina Custom Cages. Great ventilation through the top screen mesh; making it easy to achieve a healthy temperature gradient from the basking spot to the cool end.


Product Description

  • Cage panels arrive ready to attach together with simple instructions. Habitats can be adapted for your specific reptile using the appropriate lighting, heating, backgrounds and other accessories.
  • Many of our customers house their bearded dragons in our cages. The 18D model is equivalent to a 40 gallon breeder tank; regarded as the appropriate size for an adult bearded dragon. Those that start their baby dragon in a 20L tank should transition to an adult size habitat once the dragon reach 12” in length.
  • Our 24D model cage is 33% deeper than our 18D model (front to back) and large enough to house two adult female bearded dragons. Males should always be housed individually after puberty. A lot of our customers simply prefer the larger 24D model because it allows them to outfit their dragon’s home with various items without it getting too cluttered.
  • Interior 24” x 36” dimensions fit our new Reptile Substrate Tray. Purchased separately, this makes keeping your substrate clean incredibly easy for reptiles that need a loose substrate. Substrate Tray and Cage Stacking Spacers are listed separately with other items from Carolina Custom Cages.
  • These cages may be used as habitats for a variety of reptiles; including bearded dragons, Rankin dragons, horned toad lizards, certain snakes, steppe runners, uromastyx, small turtles and tortoises.